Professional  Tree Care founded in Modern Science

The Arborist company is dedicated to assisting you with your tree care concerns using our industries most up to date science and methods.  Pruning techniques are species and specimen specific; we offer pruning garnered for your trees individual requirements.

From report writing and analysis to construction programs and diagnosis.

Aiding with aesthetics, structure and stability. Pruning is beneficial to your trees health and value.

Trees that have had little or no maintenance can develop branching issues that only structural aids can stabilize.

Hazardous, poorly located and declining trees. Sometimes only complete removal can offer safety, alleviate concern and provide the opportunity to begin anew.


Cabling and Bracing





          Thank you for everything. It was exciting to watch your aerial skills and precision removal of the large trees with no damage to the surrounding areas. We were impressed with your expertise, professionalism, knowledge and your support staff. Your attention to detail on the cleanup is so important and signifies your expertise in your field and compassion for the work that you do. 

We look forward to working with Zach to split our wood piles. 

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that requires the service of a professional Arborist.  



Warmest Regards, 

Lorraine Kuzub & Rudy Zugec, Collingwood



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